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Month: December 2016

Earth melting

December 29, 2016

3 Possible Solutions to Climate Change Considered by Students in Environmental Science Colleges

Despite denials to the contrary by some high profile decision makers, global climate change most certainly exists. It is caused by human activities and requires urgent action before the repercussions become irreversible. Excessive greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane in our atmosphere as a result of fossil fuel combustion are more than the natural… Read more »

Two businessmen shaking hands under map of world made out of words

December 22, 2016

Why a Transdisciplinary Approach in an Environmental Sustainability Degree is Necessary to Confront Complex Challenges

Progressing towards the goal of environmental sustainability is far from a simple task as it requires fundamental changes in human attitudes and behavior. As climate change and the destruction of natural environments continue to escalate, sustainability science professionals understand that meaningful action must be accompanied with a great sense of urgency. Mitigation and adaptation to… Read more »

President Khoury

December 22, 2016

Unity College joins letter on climate action

More than 170 leaders in higher education urge continued U.S. participation in U.N. Paris Accord

December 20, 2016

End of Year Reflections & New Year Commitments…

TO: Employee-News FROM: Dr. Melik Peter Khoury DATE: December 20, 2016 SUBJECT: End of Year Reflections & New Year Commitments… ATTACHMENTS: None Dear Unity College Community, As the year winds down it seems like an appropriate time to reflect a little on the year that was, and anticipate a bit of what the next will… Read more »

December 20, 2016

Unity College wins grant recognizing innovation

Endeavor Foundation award totals $80,000 to spur small, private colleges toward new horizons

December 19, 2016

Unity College marks 4 years at forefront of divestment

First U.S. college to nix fossil fuels from portfolio helped push $5.2 trillion toward ‘intentional investing’

Man using binoculars

December 16, 2016

4 Exciting Career Outcomes with a Sustainable Natural Resource Management Masters

The world’s natural resources are fundamental to our existence, tremendously influencing our health, productivity, and quality of life. As our growing population increasingly encroaches upon the planet’s wild spaces with habitation, tourism, and industry, it’s recognized that more integrated and holistic approaches to resource management are necessary to sustain our land, water, plants, animals, and… Read more »

December 16, 2016

Unity College sends 31 graduates forth tonight

Khoury challenges graduates of America’s Environmental College to ‘change the world’

December 15, 2016

Unity students present actionable research

Biannual Student Conference exhibits undergraduates’ real-world problem solving skills, community engagement, and creative talent

December 14, 2016

Unity College to hold On the Road event in Boston

America’s Environmental College bringing Maine campus to Bay State alumni, prospective students

Biotechnology woman engineer

December 08, 2016

How Experiential Learning in Environmental Masters Programs Develops the Problem Solvers of Tomorrow

With societies and natural environments changing faster than ever, it is the individuals who have developed sophisticated adaptability and creative thinking skills that will be best prepared to confront our world’s most urgent challenges. To navigate complex decision-making environments under conditions of uncertainty, big-picture thinking with an ability to anticipate long-term consequences and collaborate with… Read more »

December 02, 2016

A world of undergraduate internships on display

America’s Environmental College and partners offer students an immersive field education in sustainability