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Month: May 2017

Woman drawing recycling diagram

May 25, 2017

Addressing E-Waste after Completing Environmental Graduate Programs

Digitization has taken much of our lives and societies from the physical world to the virtual one—communications, entertainment, finances, and more can all take place electronically. While this shift has made many tasks far more convenient and has allowed for more intricate connections between people and organizations all over the world, it has not come… Read more »

Conservation Law Enforcement

May 20, 2017

President’s Update – May 2017

Professional Development May 2017

Hand blocking harmful things from earth

May 18, 2017

How Students at Environmental Science Colleges Can Contribute to the “Carbon Law”

Climate change and issues of environmental degradation can often feel too big to tackle. A problem of a global scale demands global solutions, and attempts to provide such solutions often have mixed results. For example, the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris saw many countries commit emissions. However, even if countries honor these commitments,… Read more »

May 18, 2017

Unity College receives $291,000 to reimagine the first two years

Davis Educational Foundation Grant supports Unity’s vision for the future.

Trash on beach

May 11, 2017

Combating Microplastics with a Master’s in Sustainable Development

Plastic pollution is nothing new—nearly everyone has seen a plastic bag or bottle strewn somewhere it shouldn’t be. Likewise, the consequences that this kind of pollution can have are also fairly well documented, with images of creatures trapped in plastic packaging all too common. In recent years, though, greater focus has been placed on “microplastics,”… Read more »

Taking sample of water

May 04, 2017

2 Reasons Hormones in Water Should Concern Students in Environmental Science Schools

The list of damages humanity is causing to the natural environment (and its inhabitants) is long and is getting longer all the time. In addition to the regular culprits commonly discussed in the media—things like wastefulness, CO2 pollution, and more—there’s a sneakier, but no less insidious, phenomenon that is ongoing: hormones infiltrating the world’s water.… Read more »

May 03, 2017

Track 1 or Track 2? How to Choose Your Sustainability Concentration

As concern for the state of the environment rises around the world, sustainability studies are becoming increasingly valuable. This kind of education helps professionals develop a keen understanding of environmental concerns affecting the planet, and helps them develop the skills needed to implement solutions to these problems. Do you want to lead the charge toward… Read more »