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Month: November 2018

Brent Bibles rafting

November 30, 2018

Working Online, Living Offline

Dr. Brent Bibles enjoys being active outdoors. He is an avid cyclist and loves to canoe, backpack, hunt, and fish. He also enjoys participating in historical re-enactments, taking on the persona of a French fur trader of the 1750s. This past summer, Brent and his wife moved to New Mexico to fulfill their mission of… Read more »

November 21, 2018

Is an Environmental Science Degree Worth It?

Climate change and environmental issues are hot-button topics today. The media is continuously battling between scaring the entire population and saying nothing new is happening. But politics aside, the changes to the environment are happening and, according to the scientific community, they’re pretty serious.

November 14, 2018

A Sense of Adventure …

Unity College’s Adventure programs open up a world of journeying for graduates and those they work with Every undergraduate has a story about how and why they applied to the college of their choice. Most are pretty mundane, but Dr. William Hafford’s journey to Unity College was just that. A true journey. “I was accepted… Read more »

November 14, 2018

Unity Works – November 2018

Unity Works November 2018 – F2Y Presentation

Unity College Center for the Arts Faculty Show 2018

November 13, 2018

UCCA hosts Faculty Show through December 14

The Unity College Center for the Arts (UCCA) is currently hosting a new exhibit featuring work from three art faculty members from the College. The Faculty Show highlights drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture work from faculty members Ben Potter, Professor of Art; Deanna Witman, Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities; and Cori Crumrine, adjunct faculty of… Read more »

November 05, 2018

Leadership in Abundance: Three Unity College Chief Officers present at Women in Leadership Conference at Harvard

Trio focuses on reimagining concepts of leadership in higher education When Dr. Melik Peter Khoury became president of Unity College, he immediately began working on flattening the administrative structure, eliminating dysfunctional hierarchies, and empowering accountable leaders — especially from within — to better influence mission-aligned strategic decisions. The model, called “leadership in abundance,” ensured Unity’s senior-level team… Read more »

November 05, 2018

Unity Works – October 2018

Unity Works – October 2018 Presentation  

student Eli Walker with an injured cheetah

November 04, 2018

Spirits Soar at Unity College: Sky Lodge ribbon cutting

Unity College and Moose River Valley celebrate momentous gift On a perfect sunny September day, Sky Lodge, a historic sporting lodge sitting on more than 150 acres in the Moose River Valley, officially became Unity College: Sky Lodge. The lodge and its grounds hummed with energy and excitement, with an atmosphere that was less procedural… Read more »

November 04, 2018

Unity College professor discovers another new species of tardigrade

Even as tardigrades make waves in pop culture, there is still much to be discovered about the world’s smallest known animal Barnacles may be an odd — and smelly —  parcel for most people to receive. But for Dr. Emma Perry, Professor of Marine Biology at Unity College, it’s exciting, presenting yet another opportunity to… Read more »

November 04, 2018

Unity College 2025: Building the Next Strategic Plan

New strategic plan to build on success and expand service to students and society What comes to mind when you hear the words “strategic plan?” For many, the phrase elicits groans and conjures images of dusty tomes tucked away and forgotten in a bottom drawer somewhere. Notebooks that rarely, if ever, see the light of… Read more »

November 03, 2018

Letter from the President

Dear Unity College Community, What an amazing fall it has been. Seeing all the students here for the opening of the Flagship semester is my annual inspiration, the Sky Lodge ribbon cutting in Moose River in September was spectacular, and Distance Education is launching four new undergraduate degrees online. On a somber note, we lost… Read more »