The Leadership Team

Introducing the Chief Officers


The Challenge

Unity College is poised for good things—hopefully great things—but only if we identify the work, engage and trust each other, and remember why we’re here.  Unity requires that everyone stays connected to a single purpose.  Unity requires everyone to do their part, trust that others will do theirs, and have opportunities to lead.  Unity requires that we all make a commitment to the success of this small, but increasingly important, institution.

The Solution

In the spirit of functional leadership in abundance, the new Unity College organizational structure is based on functionality and driven by data.  Several chief officers serve as the senior leadership team and will have first-among-equals responsibility in their area of focus.  Everyone on campus will report, ultimately, to one of several chief officers from within departments.

The Leadership Team

Chief Sustainability Officer

Jennifer deHart

First among equals for relationships with environmental partners, sustainability and environmental initiative reporting, campus sustainability education and information, departmental compliance, campus planning participation, and strategic sustainability initiatives.

Chief Student Success Officer

Dr. Sarah Cunningham

First among equals for student success, student retention, persistence and graduation, student support, academic support, and co-curricular living and learning.

Chief of Staff

Dr. John Zavodny

First among equals for coordination of senior leadership, strategic plan management, Presidential support, strategic projects, partnership development, and new business development.

Chief Facilities Management Officer

Jim Kauppila

First among equals for physical plant planning and maintenance, campus beautification and landscaping, real estate management, custodial, energy and utilities, physical asset maintenance, and construction and renovation.

Chief Information Officer

Bert Audette

First among equals for technology infrastructure, data management, institutional research and reporting, institutional effectiveness, and instructional technology.

Chief Fundraising Officer

Erica Hutchinson

First among equals for functions like alumni relations, major donors and donor relationship management, annual fund, and other giving programs.

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Robert Scott, Jr.

First among equals for curriculum, faculty, accreditation, distance education, and academic administration.

Dr. Amy Arnett

Chief Distance Education Officer

Dr. Amy Arnett

First among equals for leadership, planning, coordination, and evaluation of all aspects of Distance Education at Unity College.