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Dr. Melik Peter KhouryOctober 11, 2019

Dear Unity College Community,

Fall is upon us once again, one of my favorite times of the year. The transition between seasons is fully visible, and is truly amazing to watch. As we continue to grow here at Unity College, our own transformations become more vibrant this season as well.

While we are not wrapping the Flagship campus sign in a scarf, we are showing our students, faculty, and staff how Unity has changed during the summer months. Some changes are more obvious, such as the new Student Services Center in Founders Hall South – a one-stop-shop for student services, including a Base Camp lounge for students, while some changes are a little less visible. Much like updating the wiring in your home, some work is less noticeable on the outside but just as critical to securing the home’s integrity for years to come. These kinds of changes support the advancement of the College but do not necessarily impact the daily lives of our students, such as appointing a new vice president of Flagship and continuing to build out the Unity College Enterprise.

In the fall as students return to campus it can be difficult for a community like ours not to be worried about the future of our institution, and institutions like ours. The higher education news as of late has been dominated by colleges closing and colleges merging. Green Mountain College, who was for years a direct competitor of Unity, shuttered this spring sending shockwaves through higher education, and with good reason as they are a clear illustration of a  discouraging trend. To make matters worse, they are not the only college to close, or on the brink of doing so. 

I would like to reassure the Unity College community that this scenario is not on the horizon for us. We are incredibly proud of Unity’s growth over the last several years and continue to work towards stronger economic and environmental sustainability every day. This work happens in a variety of forms, and the leadership team at Unity College is taking all of the steps necessary to continue to be America’s Environmental College, with all of our Sustainable Education Business Units (SEBUs) being key parts of that process. To this end, we continue to invest in and develop differentiated programs including TERRAIN, and adding new degrees and signature courses to our Distance Education offerings.

In ecology, sustainability describes how biological systems remain healthy, diverse and productive over time, and their capacity to endure.  At Unity College, we are committed to our work and mission rooted firmly in sustainability while looking ahead toward a bright and promising future.

In Unity,

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury
Unity College


Our Mission Through the framework of sustainability science, Unity College provides a liberal arts education that emphasizes the environment and natural resources. Through experiential and collaborative learning, our graduates emerge as responsible citizens, environmental stewards, and visionary leaders.