Strategic Branding Initiative

Strategic Branding Initiative

Feb 22

Strategic Plan approved by Board of Trustees

Oct 11

Strategic Brand Initiative gets green light and enthusiastic “GO!’ from Board of Trustees

Full Board Motion

Aug 16

Committee prepares RFP and seeks proposals from consultants

Dec 16

Agencies selected as strategic brand consultants : Now What / Epic Decade

Feb 16

Phase One Work Plan Initiated

Now What – Unity College : Redefining The Future of Higher Education

Mar 08

Began expert interviews – Faculty, Students, Staff invited to participate

Mar 15

Now What Team on Campus : Focus groups, Class Participation, and Structured Exercises

Apr 01

Concluded Expert Interviewers : Educators, Innovators, Investors

Apr 12
May 01

Environmental Scan: A sweeping look at state of the industry concluded

Now What / Unity College Knowledge Sweep Tracker

May 15

Exploring Current Competitors

May 30

Exploring Elements of our Brand : Qualitative Insights

Jun 15

Laddering up / Focusing based on Now What perspective

Jun 30

College models that might emerge from this data

Now What / Unity College Business Models

Jul 15

Aggregate Phase One Work Product

Aug 01

Epic Decade Sets the frame for the Innovation Conversation

Nov 03

Epic Decade and Unity College Team Explore Brand Vision, Business Models, Organizational Models

Jan 11
Feb 01

Stamats : Data to support what students want to learn

Feb 10

Epic Decade delivers Vision Book to Unity College

Feb 24

Board of Trustees Reviews Progress to Date

February 2017

Mar 01
Mar 23

Stamats : data to support how students want to learn

Apr 01

Unity College Leadership Team shapes the path forward

April 2017

Apr 27

Stamats : New Program Opportunity Assessment (Final)

May 12

Board of Trustees Reviews / Endorses the Unity College Brand Strategy informed by Strategic Branding Initiative

Unity College Board of Trustees Q4 Meeting
View: Unity College Brand Strategy

Aug 01

Board of Trustees Reviews / Endorses Unity College Strategic Implementation Plan

Bring the Brand Vision to life : August 2017