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The Strategic Plan - Building a Beacon

Building a Beacon Strategic Plan 2014-2018 Archive

Completion Summary

At the May 2018 Unity College Board of Trustees meeting, the following motion, which closes out Building a Beacon passed unanimously: “To enthusiastically approve the successful stewardship of Building a Beacon: The Unity College Strategic Plan 2014-2019; and, based on information from the Deep Dive and on the current higher education landscape, to ask the Unity College President to prepare an approach, process and timeline for Board consideration, to establish a new strategic plan that builds on the current trajectory for Unity College, that is mission-driven and that ensures long-term financial viability.”

The Strategic Plan Summary offers high-level institutional trends and highlights the projects that emerged throughout the Building a Beacon time period as disproportionately significant, strategic, or challenging. For full completion results see the Building a Beacon Strategic Implementation Plan. For the original plan, see Building a Beacon Strategic Plan Narrative adopted by the Unity College Board of Trustees in 2014.

Building a Beacon and What's Next

Building a Beacon and What’s Next