During this session, President Khoury provided an update on the strategic planning process, reflecting on results from August Professional Development, and requesting feedback regarding the Unity College mission.

Click here to download President Khoury’s Presentation from Unity Works, October 2, 2018

Key Updates:

  • The Unity College President website has been updated with a Unity College 2025: Strategic Plan Development timeline. The timeline illustrates major milestones in the Unity College 2025 strategic planning process, including enterprise-wide feedback, and will be continuously updated as additional feedback is received and new milestones are met.
  • Soon after Unity Works, new drafts of Unity College 2025: Strategic Plan and Unity College 2025: Tools for Planning and Implementation will be distributed (Versions 004). Major changes will include draft initiatives for Goals 1-3 and a draft initiative Implementation Plan.
  • At the subsequent strategic planning session, we will discuss draft initiatives under Goals 1-3 and the draft initiative Implementation Plan.