Signature Programs

Unity College Projects and Programs


Unity College celebrates 30 years of adventure-based orientation trips. Nova trips are designed to support the transition to Unity College life by emphasizing personal growth, building social connections, and promoting environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Business

The new B.S. in Sustainable Business Enterprise and Sustainable Master’s of Business Administration expose students to the business world through the school’s distinct sustainability science framework.

Honors Program

Honors students at Unity College demonstrate that they can manage more. Accordingly, they get access to Honors-only projects, field trips, and speakers.

Undergraduate Research Program

Statistics show that students who do research during their undergraduate years are more likely to continue with professional education and in STEM fields, and twice as likely to consider continuing on to pursue a Ph.D.

The Unity College Student Conference

“Recognize Quality & Celebrate Excellence,” that’s the motto of the Unity College Student Conference. The bi-annual conference gives Unity students the opportunity to present professional level material in a supportive environment.

McKay Farm and Research Station

At the McKay Farm and Research Station students learn invaluable business management and administrative skills necessary to operate a successful agricultural business. The Washington Post featured the McKay Farm as a positive example of how institutions can increase revenue while providing educational experiences for its students.