The Strategic Plan - Building a Beacon


Over the next five years Unity College will achieve status as the premier liberal arts institution in the United States focused on sustainability science education. The primary means of this transformation will be return-on-investment strategies to support faculty excellence, unique and excellent academic programming, and expanded physical and administrative infrastructure.

Using resources acquired from new revenue streams, we will focus first and foremost on academic excellence, which is without question the foundation of institutional success in higher education. These new revenue streams will derive heavily from online and graduate programs. While the relevance of our mission is beyond question, we will link this to postgraduate success in employment and graduate education. With transdisciplinary information literacy based on a solid prosocial foundation in the liberal arts, there can be little doubt that our graduates will be leaders.

Out of the plan articulated here emerges a set of overarching outcomes for the period of 2014/2015 to 2018/2019. These are:

  • Complete implementation of transdisciplinary academic pedagogy throughout our undergraduate residential programs.
  • Become nationally recognized as the premier undergraduate institution for transdisciplinary sustainability science.
  • Meet and maintain maximum campus enrollment.
  • Implement mission-driven graduate programs.
  • Implement mission-driven online programs.
  • Diversify academic operations to include partnerships, a field station, international programs, outreach, and ongoing summer programming.
  • Build a modern liberal arts professoriate with competitive salaries and significantly more resources for scholarship, outreach, and service.
  • Implement other selected alternative revenue streams.
  • Complete the build-out of our physical infrastructure to include new residence halls, a sustainability science, learning and conference center, and a student union including a dining commons.
  • Achieve recurring annual operating surplus through diversified revenue streams with return-on-investment strategies.
  • Launch a comprehensive capital campaign to support new construction and program development.